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This data center tried everything to not let my contractor do the job. He ran into roadblocks all along the job with tests, inspections, material availability issues and material installation issues. But he was thoroughly impressed and pleased enough to comment at length about how well your cords were manufactured. He inspected a handful of the cords and did see dust/debris on 1or 2 fiber ends but otherwise they were clean to perfection. Test results were provided as requested, packing was top notch for each and every cord and the best thing, the production. Every cord was made in such a way that when unspooling the cable to lay within the tray, they laid flat and had no memory retention or coiling. This allowed for cable to install quickly and lay flat. They were easy to trace and bundle. This part of the installation when so smooth for him. To produce the quantity of cords and to pass with this type of praise from this customer is high marks, for sure. Thank you for helping make this customer a little bit more happy with Graybar and the type of suppliers that we work with.

Sean C.