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Wireless Solutions

Getting them built and on the jobsite ASAP is our mission.

C-Enterprises understands what it takes to get Cell Tower or DAS hardware on the network.  Choose from a variety of Fiber over the Antenna (FTTA), Coax, and Hybrid over the Antenna (HTTA) solutions.  Experienced staff manufacture high-quality assemblies using IP-Rated components and ruggedized materials to meet the requirements of both equipment manufacturers and carrier networks.


IP-Rated Components used in our assemblies ensure a reliable connection for your Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA), Small Cell, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Our quick-ship capabilities help to keep your project on schedule.


Coaxial Interconnect Assemblies are a critical part of many Cell Tower, Small Cell, and DAS systems.

Our selection of Low PIM assemblies includes a wide range of Connectors and Low PIM Connector Adapters, as well as cable options designed for a variety of environments.