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First off thank you for meeting the timelines given to us by the customer.  I know they were a stretch and required some additional effort and resources on your part.  Overall the project was a success.  My contractor, the guy who actually placed the order is never 100% happy.  On this project he ended up being 95% happy with the outcome which for our first project together I consider a total success.  He was very happy with the packaging, the fiber trunk labeling, and the consistency of the product.  With the other assembly house I had used in the past he felt like he could tell a difference between assemblies and how they were built which made him feel like there was an assembly line of people and everyone had a little different way of doing it thus creating subtle differences which he does not like.  He wants #1 to be exactly the same as #85 as #258 hopefully that makes sense.

Great job please tell everyone down the line that I appreciate the efforts and to expect more work in the future.

Justin H.