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“They say you reap what you sow…”

Our use of C-Enterprise’s fiber that we purchase today is a direct result of that saying.  Years ago Jana Christiansen took the time to meet our growing needs for custom fiber optic jumpers.  She coordinated with them to get exactly what we specified and they have always come through with exactly what we have requested.  Many of my fellow associates have pointed out on several occasion the prices that C-Enterprises/Graybar quotes for these jumpers cannot compete with some of the bulk whole sellers over the internet.  Nevertheless, I have continued with choosing C-Enterprises for fiber optic jumpers for several reasons;  Their consistent ability to manufacture exact length fiber, to meet exact specification, and for the most part their timely response to quote request and orders.

A few years ago we started implementing Corning’s Pretium Edge solutions into our Facility.  While it has been a costly and uphill battle with management, it  is proving to be a worthwhile investment.  One of our largest challenges is appropriating the funds as our budgets for the next 2 years designed from our expense from the previous 2 years.  I know, not a very good business model, but it is what it is.

Again my fellow employees and management complained about the expense and came to me on many occasions with 3rd party options to Corning’s costly trunk cables, but I continued to fight and resist the idea of going to cable outside of Corning’s Solution, as our final product could not be assured.  We couldn’t risk the gamble.

Last year Jamie took the time to work with C-Enterprises to quote us trunk fiber as an alternative to Corning’s significantly more expensive option.    I have to admit, I was very skeptical when Jamie came back with C-Enterprises quote, but she assured me that they would make the cable exactly like Corning’s.

As a result of years of successful experience with this manufacture I decided to give them a chance and see if it would work. 

Well, their trunk cable was not exactly the same.  It was better!  We didn’t have to deal with a large bulky “furcation clip” that Corning is so proud of, and as a result it allowed us to install the fiber in innerduct to offer better protection.  Their break out fiber was cleaner allowing cleaner “dress” in the Fiber Housing.  All in all I was exceptionally pleased, and so was my management with cost saving upwards of 100-200%.  As a result we have continued to build out our fiber plant utilizing C-Enterprises as our trunk cable producer.

Last month we ordered some more truck cables.  They were installed them on October 7th & 8th.  Upon testing we found some issues.  I spoke with our Graybar Sales Rep.,  Baker Krukow, and explained our time sensitive situation.  Baker worked with C-Enterprises, picked the cables sent them back to the C-Enterprises had it repaired, re-tested and sent back to us (Red-Labeled mind you), at no cost, in lest then a week, with no questions asked.  As a result our large project that had been in planning and preparation for months went off successfully on October 17thwithout a hitch.

This experience is why I have chosen all these years to continue to direct our business with people that I can look in the eye, shakes hands with, and work with if there are problems.  Quality products are a critical component of purchasing decisions, along with price.  But… it is quality service and follow through is essential to maintaining that business.

I can’t imagine that after all the expense of red-labeled shipping  and labor for re-work, there would be much, if any profit, on this single business transaction for C-Enterprises or Graybar.  Things happen from time to time.  I accept that, but it’s how we deal with it, that matters.  From a customer’s point of view, you folks hit a home run out of the ball park that will pay off for many years to come. 

When my fellow employees tell me about a better deal with Company so and so… it will be this experience that I will reflect upon and wonder why chance it for an unknown, unproven entity.

The fruits of our business with you folks today is a direct result of the labor of successful experiences with you, that Jana Christiansen and Jamie Teixeira started so many years ago.

I started this email with a saying that I’m sure you have heard many times in your life, but most people have not heard the second part…

“but… you never reap what you sow in the same season.”

I look forward to a life time of continued business with you folks.

Eric S.
State of Nevada