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Custom Datacomm Assemblies for Every Need

We’ve been building custom datacomm solutions in our ISO9001:2015 production facility in Southern California since 1984. Our experienced and cross-trained production staff provide you with the highest quality, most reliable cables with the best on-time delivery record in the industry.

Mini CAT6 28 AWG Patch Cords

C Enterprises now offers slimline “mini” CAT6 28 AWG patch cords for high density deployments in all colors and lengths.

UTP/STP Patch Cords

U.S. built, TAA compliant category patch cords.

UTP, STP, Cat6A, Cat6E, Cat6, Cat5E, CMP, CMR in custom lengths and colors.

High Flexibility Industrial Assemblies

Hi-Flex Industrial Copper Assemblies assure a reliable Ethernet connection in harsh environments.  The flexible cable design is thoroughly tested to suit a wide range of Industrial applications.

UTP/STP Patch Cord Bundles

Custom patch cord bundles in leg counts from 2 to 72 with sleeving and wrap options.

Special breakout length, stagger and labeling requirements are available.

Cat5e/Cat6 Under Carpet Cable

Flat Cat5e and Cat6 patch cords for under carpet and rugged applications.

RJ21 Telco Assemblies

RJ21 STP and UTP trunks, stubs and hydras in CMR and CMP in all length and varieties with numerous customizations available.

Custom Jacket Colors

All C Enterprises UTP/STP patch cords and bundles are available in multiple colors.

Legacy and Other Copper Assemblies

RS232, DAS, DS1/3, Video Coax, T1 and more.

Copper Connectors

RJ45 plugs and jacks in all varieties; RJ21, RJ48, RJ11, 110 and more.